About Renaissance

Welcome to the new website for Renaissance Arts Center, Inc.!
We are proud to say that we are now an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Mission
Renaissance Arts Center provides innovative visual and performing arts education programs that address multiple types of learning and foster the intellectual, artistic, emotional, and social growth of students of all ages.

At Renaissance, our professional and nurturing instructors offer both group and personal instruction of the highest quality in the Visual and Performing Arts. We believe that students of any age and level should experience comprehensive training, broad enough to give every level of talent an opportunity to develop. As confidence grows, horizons broaden! Our instructors are carefully chosen: they are more than art teachers. They are mentors and coaches who inspire the best results from students through a very personal connection.

Some of our program offerings include the following:
Acrylic Painting, Airbrush, Ballet, College Portfolio Development, Creative Writing, Drawing, Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Jazz Dance, Oil Painting, Photography, Tap, Watercolor Painting, and more.

At Renaissance, we do things differently – and for good reasons. With our artists, we strive to develop not only techniques of art-making but also an eye for artistic beauty in life and a love for the discipline that the creation of art requires. With our dance and gymnastics students, we strive to strengthen the body, deepen the mind-body connection, and reinforce the capabilities of one’s body as an instrument.

In addition to group and individual instruction, we offer various Vacation Programs. These are week-long, full-day sessions in which students delve into a cornucopia of art, movement, and theatrical arenas. Renaissance Arts Center, Inc. also holds Workshops, Painting Parties, Free Events, Art Shows, Kids Nights, and Customized Parties.

Thank you for finding us, and welcome to the extended Renaissance family.

Renaissance Arts Center Board of Directors: Betsy Andrus (President), Barbara Watkins (Vice President), Cindy Giannaris (Secretary), Scott Rote (Treasurer), Chrystal Mahida, and Stephen Schoenfeld